Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Real Meat Treats for Cats

Make Every Moment a Treat™

Crunchy shell, tender center
Crunchy & smooth swirled
Soft morsel of delish
Wheelies: Crunchy & Smooth Swirled Treats For Cats

Get ready to toss some toys and break out your best laser pointer when the Wheelies™ are open! These crunchy, smooth swirled bites pack playful moments with another level of fun.

LoveBites: Crunchy & Tender Treats For Cats

Whether you’re coming home from work, hanging out after dinner or just being awesome, show your cat how much you enjoy each moment spent together with Love Bites! A crunchy outer shell and tender center make for the perfect anytime treat.

SoftSpots: Soft and Savory Treats For Cats

Sure, your cat thinks you’re the best. But that doesn’t mean meaty, chewy Soft Spots™ won’t prove it! These tasty treats help you get the attention you’re looking for, adding some cat cuddles to your day.

Love Bites Real Chicken Cat Treats
Love Bites Real Salmon Cat Treats
Soft Spots® Real Salmon Soft Cat Treats
Wheelies® Crunchy Chicken Cat Treats

Through February 2021, more than

$56 Million

has been donated to animal charities and other organizations that do good for animals through The Rachael Ray Foundation and its predecessor entity.

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