High Protein Dry Dog Food 

30% high-quality protein in dry recipes
Never any grain, gluten or filler ingredients
Natural food for dogs with added vitamins & minerals

Nutrient-dense recipes to satisfy your dog's instinctual cravings.

Don't you just love watching dogs play? Running, chasing, jumping - even if most of it happens around the back yard, you can tell they still have a wild side. Nutrish® PEAK dry and wet foods for dogs are nutrient-dense recipes with real beef, turkey or chicken as the #1 protein to help your pup stay satisfied and full of energy.

Available in 4 delicious recipes.

Western Grasslands Recipe With Bison
Open Range Recipe™ With Beef, Venison & Lamb
Northern Woodlands Recipe™ With Turkey, Duck & Quail
Wetlands Recipe With Chicken, Duck & Pheasant

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