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Rachael Ray Nutrish® is available almost everywhere you shop for pet food – in grocery stores, online, and now in PetSmart, too! For a complete store listing, visit

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At this point, Nutrish® is only sold in the United States. If you have found Nutrish® products somewhere else outside of the United States, then it is almost certainly a fake product that is using the Nutrish® name and/or packaging without our permission. While we work hard trying to prevent others from selling fake versions of our products and putting pets at risk of consuming food that is not healthy or safe, we are aware that counterfeit pet food (like many other products) is becoming more common in some countries. If you have purchased or seen Nutrish® products outside of the United States, please contact us at (800) 323-7738 or email us using our Contact Us form ( so we can investigate the issue. You should also assume that any Nutrish® product purchased or seen outside of the United States is fake, is not produced by us, and is likely not anywhere near the quality you can expect from genuine Nutrish® products. We do not recommend feeding such fake or counterfeit products to any of your pets.

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A message to our pet family about the coronavirus.

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