Real quail is a tasty source of lean protein, and a natural source of essential vitamins, phosphorous and iron, which to helps support strong muscles.

  • Northern Woodlands Recipe™ With Turkey, Duck & Quail

    Northern Woodlands Recipe™ With Turkey, Duck & Quail

    Every now and then I like to leave the busy city behind and head to my cabin in the woods. I love watching Isaboo run around and get in touch with her wild side -- even if it is just in the backyard. That’s why I created Nutrish® PEAK Northern Woodlands Recipe™, a natural food with added vitamins and chelated minerals, packed with delicious proteins that dogs instinctually crave. Real U.S. farm-raised turkey is always the #1 ingredient, combined with protein-rich duck, quail, and essential nutrients. With 30% high-quality protein, it will help your pup stay satisfied and full of energy. And of course there are 0% grains, glutens or fillers, and never any poultry by-product meal. My Isaboo thrives on this Nutrish® PEAK recipe, and I know your dog will, too.

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