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Check out our latest blog posts with pet parent tips and tricks to help your dog or cat live a happy, healthy life.

A woman playing with a cat with a feather toy


Why are Cats so Curious?

Discover why cats are curious and learn more about the science behind our feline friends’ inquisitive behavior with some quick facts from Nutrish.


A large breed puppy eating food from a bowl on the ground

14 Awesome Large Dog Breeds

Big dogs have lots of love to give. Learn more about your favorite big breeds right here
A dog tugging on a colorful rope toy

Indoor Exercise for Dogs

Use these indoor dog exercise ideas from Nutrish™ to keep your dog entertained on any rainy day.
A senior dog

When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

Look for signs of dog aging and care for your senior dog with tips from Nutrish™.
A dog humping a person's leg

Why Do Dogs Hump?

Learn why dogs hump even after being spayed or neutered and how you can stop dog humping.
A close-up of a dog sleeping

Why Do Dogs Snore?

Find out common dog snoring causes, the difference between normal and concerning dog snoring, and the best dog snoring remedies.
A dog begging for food at the dinner table

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Sometimes your pooch wants your delightful table treats, but you might be wondering, can dogs eat turkey? Find out how much and what types of turkey are safe.
A dog holding a toothbrush in its mouth

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brush up on your dog’s dental health with these top tips.
A dog with its tongue out while its owner places a bowl in front of it

How to Store Dog Food

Learn where and how to store your pet food to keep it safe & fresh for your dog.
Two dogs on leashes running in the ocean with their owner

9 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Summer’s here! Enjoy the sunshine with your canine companion using these fun suggestions.
A dog licking its nose while waiting for a treat

Can Dogs Eat Nuts?

Dogs love nuts, but many aren’t good for them — and some may be toxic. Here’s how to know whether your dog can eat nuts and which ones to avoid.
Two people with vegetables offering a carrot to a dog

Why Do Dogs Like Vegetables?

Dogs love eating healthy, delicious vegetables. Discover why your pup loves farm-fresh produce and the vegetables dogs love.
A woman sitting with her dog on a hike in the woods

Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy?

Ever wonder if your dog is susceptible to this trailside plant?