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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Nutrish® pet product nutrition, manufacturing or availability? Browse our FAQs below!


Yes, Nutrish® treats are safe to feed daily, when accompanied by your pet’s nutritionally complete and balanced diet.

No, our wet food for dogs is a natural food with added vitamins, minerals& other nutrients We do not add artificial flavors.

Yes, you can give Nutrish® dog treats to your puppy. We recommend breaking into smaller pieces for puppies. As always, please watch your dog to ensure the treats are thoroughly chewed before swallowing.

To maintain the freshness of Nutrish® wet food, simply use the resealable lid and refrigerate the wet food for dogs after opening. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days after initial opening.

It’s easy to transition your dog to Nutrish® food. Slowly mix Nutrish® food with their other food over a five-to-ten-day period until your dog is solely eating Nutrish® food. Once your dog is only eating Nutrish® food, keep in mind that feeding guidelines on the bag are just a guide. Your dog’s individual needs will vary based upon his/her size, activity level and even age. However, be sure not to overfeed your dog because overfeeding is a common source of digestive upset. Be sure to check your dog’s weight and adjust feeding levels to maintain a healthy weight. And don’t forget to see your vet regularly.

Meat, which is always the #1 ingredient.

Meat, which is always the #1 ingredient

Nutrish® offers dog foods with the same great nutrition and carefully selected ingredients but formulated without grain ingredients, for those pet parents who seek to avoid grain.