How to Bond With Your Cat

How to Bond With Your Cat

A guide to connecting with a feline friend.

While dogs have a reputation for undiscerning affection, cats are sometimes cooler customers. Here are some ways to bond with a new feline friend.

Let them come to you

Cats can be skittish and get startled when approached too fast. The best tactic is to sit quietly and let kitty approach you at her own speed.

Don't have a staring contest

Direct eye contact can be seen as a threat to the predatory mind of a cat, so try to avoid it. Instead, get down on your cat’s level and look at her with half-shut or blinking eyes. If she breaks eye contact with you, it means she no longer sees you as a threat.

Read body language

Pay attention to your cat’s body language when you pet her. Ears forward, tail up, and whiskers fanned to the front are indicators that kitty is content.

Bond before you buy

Most shelters and breeders will let you hang out with potential cats before you adopt one as your own. Take advantage of this and watch and interact with a few cats so you can find out which kitty’s personality meshes well with yours.

Treat them

The saying goes “you win more friends with cat treats than you do with no cat treats” — at least that’s how it goes as far as we’re concerned. Without going over the recommended daily serving (check the box or ask your vet), giving your cat a Rachael Ray® Nutrish® cat treat will help them associate spending time with you with something positive.

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