9 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

9 Dog-Friendly Summer Activities

Summer's here! Enjoy the sunshine with your canine companion using these fun suggestions.

Summer is here. That means lots of sunshine and warm weather to fuel your outdoor adventures with your dog. But this season won't last forever, so enjoy it to its fullest with your furry companion. Read on to discover a bucket list of awesome activities for you and your canine buddy to try while the weather is toasty.

1. Do Some Surfing

Going to the beach with your pooch is always fun, but surfing with your canine is awesome. See about taking surfing lessons with a trainer who also specializes in teaching canines this fun sport.

2. Have a Sprinkler Party

Turn your sprinklers on and have some splashy fun outdoors with your pup. The water is a great way to cool your dog down and keep him hydrated right in your own backyard.

3. Go on a Picnic

Pack up the picnic basket with snacks for you and your pooch and head for the park. Dining outdoors on a sunny day is not only fun for you, it's also enjoyable for your pooch. But don't forget to take your meal to a dog-friendly locale, like a pet-friendly park.

4. Take a Boat Ride

You don't have to own a boat to go on a boat ride with your canine companion. Many boat rental companies are dog-friendly. If paddling or steering the boat isn't for you, opt for a dog-friendly boat tour. Most importantly, don't forget to suit your pooch up in a brightly colored doggie life jacket with a handle to easily lift him out of the water should he have a close encounter with his reflection.

5. Do Dog Yoga (Doga)

Combine two of your favorite things — dogs and yoga. Now you can practice this relaxing activity with your furry friend. Check to see if doga classes are offered in your local park or through a dog training center.

6. Go Geocaching Together

Geocaching is the ultimate game of hide-and-seek, but with GPS coordinates. Go geocaching with your pooch to find a variety of interesting treasures using your location skills and his nose. Don't forget to treat him with something yummy for his help — like Savory Roasters™.

7. Go to a Baseball Game

Take your pup out to a ball game this summer. Many major and minor league teams now offer dog-friendly days during which you can bring your pooch along to the game. Note that most require proof of up-to-date vaccinations, dogs must be kept on a leash inside the stadium, and they may ask you and your pup to leave in the event of aggressive or anxious behavior.

8. Play a Game of Golf

Summer is just the right time for a round of golf, and — believe it or not — you can bring your canine companion along to some golf courses. Search courses in your area to find one that lets you golf together — just don't let him run off with your golf ball.

9. Bring Your Dog to Work

Many companies today offer pet-friendly workplaces, so why not bring Rover along when you head off to work this summer? Don't forget to give him his own spot with a comfy bed, and you'll have a dedicated companion right by your side for the day.

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