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How to Entertain Cats in Small Apartments

Learn how to entertain a cat in a small apartment with these fun and simple apartment cat hacks from Nutrish™.


A cat sleeping on a pillow

Sharing a cozy apartment with a cat can present certain challenges. But give your kitty enough stimulation and she won’t even notice the lack of space. All it takes is inspiration and a little creativity to turn your petite apartment into a cat-friendly home.

Ideas for Cats in Small Apartments

We’ve taken the guesswork out of creating a cat-friendly space with these foolproof ways to keep your apartment cat happy, even if there isn’t much square footage to work with.

Go Vertical

Worried you don’t have enough floor space for your cat to roam around? Think vertically! Cats love to climb, so use your walls as extra play space. “Catifying” your apartment with ledges and raised platforms taps into a cat’s natural instincts. If you want to avoid putting holes in the walls (or aren’t allowed under your rental contract), buy or build a tall cat tree with plenty of ledges, posts and hidey holes.

Cat Nooks

Cats are territorial. Keep your cat content by providing him with his own space. In a small apartment, you can use an unused corner or piece of furniture to create the perfect cat cave. Place his bed or favorite toy in a special location to help give your cat an extra sense of security. You can even crate train your cat just like you would with a dog to give them a safe, comfortable space they can retreat to for some extra peace and quiet.

Working Windowsills

Indoor cats love to look out windows—they provide an endless parade of kitty cat entertainment! Make your cat happy by giving her a sunny place to perch. Between window watching and the warm sunshine, your fur buddy will be in kitty heaven.

Scratching Spaces

Outdoor cats use trees to sharpen claws and stretch paws. Use a cat’s natural instinct to your advantage by setting up scratching posts in various locations. Cats get bored easily, so it’s important to vary the scratching posts by height and texture. This will ensure your cat’s paws stay away from your favorite furniture (and your apartment’s walls and doorframes) and stay healthy at the same time.

Scheduled Playtime

Cats living in small spaces need exercise. Just fifteen minutes of scheduled playtime a day is all it takes to get your little pal purring. Routine playtime not only prevents boredom, it also keeps cats healthy by lowering blood pressure and burning extra calories. The best part—playtime makes bonding time more fun!

Nutrish® Cat Treats Make Playtime More Fun

Even cats in apartments nestled deep in the concrete jungle feel the call of the wild. Tap into her inner hunter by filling a toy with her favorite Nutrish™ treats, like Love Bites, Soft Spots® or Wheelies®. A toy that produces tasty rewards makes playtime even more exciting and fulfilling for your furry friend.

Cats don’t need to live in a large space to be happy. So long as your small apartment provides your cat plenty of personal space and playtime activities, he will be one happy cat.