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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Is pet insurance worth the investment or is it a waste of money? Read the list of pros and cons below and decide what is right for you and your pet.


Husky with vet and owner

We all like to think that our dogs will remain healthy and happy forever, but sometimes life has other plans. The sad truth is, your pet could be struck by illness or injury when you least expect it. Vet bills can stack up, and no pet parent should have to face the choice of going into debt or saving their furry friend’s life. Some people consider investing in pet insurance or pet wellness plans a good way to offset these costs. Others find them to be a waste of money. Read the list of pros and cons below and decide what is right for you and your pet.

Pro: Insurance can offset the cost of certain surgeries and emergency procedures

It may seem like a drag to pay a little every month to an insurance company, but if it helps offset the cost of an expensive surgery down the line, you might be glad you started saving so soon.

Con: Some plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions

Just like human insurance, preexisting conditions may affect your pet’s chances of being covered.

Pro: Wellness plans cover small procedures like office visits, blood tests, etc.

Some people consider wellness plans to be a “frequent buyer program” for vet patients. This service requires a (usually small) monthly fee but allows you to get discounts on certain small in-office procedures.

Con: Older pets may not receive the same coverage that younger pets do

Some insurance companies don’t cover older dogs as thoroughly as they cover younger pets, (See the con about preexisting conditions above). If you try to insure a senior pets, you may be paying a lot and getting only a small amount of coverage in return.

Pro: Your job may cover it

Big companies are starting to offer pet insurance to their employees as a perk of the job. Do some research and see if this is an option your company offers because it would likely offset the cost.

Con: Certain breeds have less coverage

If your pet is of a breed more likely to have health issues (such as hip dysplasia) they may not be able to be covered by certain insurances.

Pro: Insurance may be cheaper for multi-pet families

Some insurance plans offer bundles that make your plan cheaper if you’re insuring multiple animals.

Con: Insurance is expensive no matter how you slice it

With most insurance plans, you’re going to be paying out-of-pocket at the vet and then sending the bill to the insurance company for compensation. Also, you could end up paying a monthly insurance bill but never have your pet get into a situation where they need it.

Not all insurance or wellness plans are created equal, so if you’re considering either, make sure to really dig in and read the fine print. Ask your vet for advice and thoroughly evaluate your pet’s health before making a decision. That being said, here’s hoping your pet stays happy and healthy.