Dog Food Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy to transition your dog to Rachael Ray® Nutrish® food. Slowly mix Nutrish® food with their other food over a five to ten day period until your dog is solely eating Rachael Ray® Nutrish® food. Once your dog is only eating Nutrish® food, keep in mind that feeding guidelines on the bag are just a guide. Your dog's individual needs will vary based upon his/her size, activity level and even age. However be sure not to overfeed your dog because overfeeding is a common source of digestive upset. Be sure to check your dog's weight and adjust feeding levels to maintain a healthy weight. And, don't forget to see your vet regularly.

Like you, we only want the best for our furry family members. That's why Rachael Ray® Nutrish® offers dog food made with simple, natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients that doesn't contain any added grain, gluten, or filler ingredients.

Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® products are developed and manufactured by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, a company that has been committed to providing pet parents with safe and quality pet foods for more than 80 years, along with their select trusted partners. Ainsworth goes beyond government food safety standards to provide our beloved pets with the industry-leading, quality nutrition they deserve.

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