Gentle Digestion Dog Food

Gentle Digestion Dog Food

Give your dog a nutritious food that helps support healthy digestion with these dry and wet dog foods from Rachael Ray® Nutrish®. Each delicious recipe is crafted with real chicken or salmon as the #1 ingredient plus other ingredients that are easily digestible. Then we combine that with other good stuff including essential vitamins and minerals as part of a complete and balanced diet for your dog.

Gentle Digestion FAQs

Rachael Ray® Nutrish® offers a number of dog foods that are gentle on digestion for your dog. We use lean, easily digestible proteins and in some cases instead of grains, easily digestible vegetable carbohydrates from carefully-selected ingredients like whole potatoes, peas and tapioca (which has no known food allergens). You always should consider consulting your vet as well.

It is imporatant to consult your vet if you believe your dog is experiencing digestive issues. If your dog is vomitting, exhibiting a change in bowel habits, has increased gas or even lack of appetite, a food that is easy on their digestive system could help support digestive health.

Dogs are considered puppies until they reach their expected adult size. Ideally a puppy should be fed a puppy food until they reach 80% of their expected adult size (approximately a year for most dogs) however different breeds mature from puppy to adolescent to adulthood at different rates so be sure to consult your veterinarian regarding your puppies specific needs.

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