High Protein Dog Food

High Protein Dog Food

All dogs need protein, which helps support strong muscles and bones. Dogs with higher energy who enjoy an active lifestyle may benefit from a higher protein food from Rachael Ray® Nutrish®. Each nutrient-dense recipe is crafted with high-quality protein. Then we combine that with other ingredients, plus essential vitamins and minerals as part of a complete and balanced diet for your dog.

High Protein FAQs

There are many reasons dogs may need a higher protein food like Rachael Ray® Nutrish® PEAK™. Often dogs who need to manage their weight need higher protein. Growing puppies may also benefit from more protein in their diet. Extremely active dogs break down muscle protein factor and a higher protein diet can help support muscle recovery.

Yes! Our Rachael Ray® Nutrish® PEAK Protein™ high protein food contains no added grain and gluten ingredients.

Whether the recipe you choose features beef. chicken, turkey, lamb or salmon. they all have one thing in common — tasting great! Many of our recipes are made from multiple protein sources, so it’s easy to give your dog all the tastes they love in one.

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