Turkey Dog Food

Turkey Dog Food

Give your dog the turkey they love with these dry and wet dog foods from nutritious Rachael Ray® Nutrish®. Each recipe is crafted with high-quality turkey, which is a lean, easily digestible protein. Then we combine that with other ingredients, plus essential vitamins and minerals as part of a complete and balanced diet for your dog.

Turkey Dog Food

Rachael Ray® Nutrish® Real Turkey, Brown Rice & Venison Recipe Rachael Ray® Nutrish® Real Turkey, Brown Rice & Venison Recipe
Dry dog food made with real turkey as the #1 ingredient and L-Carnitine to help support your dog’s healthy weight.

Turkey FAQs

Turkey meal is a protein-rich ingredient that's created by drying raw turkey to remove most of the moisture.

Rachael Ray® Nutrish® uses chicken meal and turkey meal because they are super-concentrated animal proteins, and not the same as poultry by-product meal which can contain undesirable parts of the animal like intestines and feet. None of our Rachael Ray® Nutrish® recipes contain poultry by-product meal.

Yes! Turkey is a lean protein that is highly digestible and helps build muscle.

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